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Couples Photography in Calgary


Couple Sessions

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Professional Photoshoot in Calgary for your Magical Moments as a Couple

"It is a profound honour as a photographer to witness two people falling in love" - Jesh de Rox.

The most beautiful thing to ever be caught on camera is love. A love story is definitely not complete without snapshots of the magical moments in a couple's life.  Couple portraiture is not only appealing  but turns out to be therapeutic to the duo in future years. We are always ready to work with the lucky ones in making cute and perfect portraits that give them nothing but pleasant memories. Let us capture these beautiful details in our photo session as you show affection and commitment to your partner.

Capture your love story in creative couple photos

There is never a wrong time for a couple’s photoshoot. Whether it is your engagement, your marriage, your anniversary, a day you choose to renew your vows or just a random day to celebrate your love, it is totally worth it!

Your portraits depict who you are as a couple, from the gentle, affectionate stares to the blend of deep emotions and unexplainable joys; we enjoy capturing these details of your beautiful story. A classic photograph of you and your partner may be a vivid image of thousands of poems that are too lovely to be uttered in words but are secretly composed in your hearts.

Natural, unposed photographs for you as a couple

We are observant enough to capture the subtleties of your relationship, and we shoot the best parts of the whole experience. We also work to give you a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that helps in having calm and appealing shots. We want you to express yourselves as much as possible so that your portraits are creative and unposed. Your photographs will always be worth picking up in the future and re-living those enchanting moments with the happiness that comes from the best language ever spoken- love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we wear to a couple’s photoshoot?

We usually recommend multiple outfits for a couple of sessions, preferably matching outfits. You could go for a casual look involving a simple t-shirt and a pair of jeans. A classy look is another option with the man in a shirt and blazers and the woman in a beautiful dress. In addition, cultural attire could be worn. Lastly, do not forget to put on your biggest smile!

What location can we use for our photoshoot as a couple?

There are numerous options as to the locations you could use for your photo session as a Couple. It could be an indoor session that could take place in your home, at a diner or restaurant with a date night theme, or it could be an outdoor shoot in the mountains or in the park, preferably at the golden hour when the sun sets . You could also decide to take a vacation to notable tourist sites for your photo session; we are always available to travel as long as there are no earlier bookings on your house date.

Can our kids be a part of our couple’s photoshoot?

Certainly! Your kids are a major part of your relationship; as much as this shoot is majorly about you and your partner, your kids should be featured in a couple of shots.

Can we bring our pets along with us to our photo session?

Absolutely! We would strongly recommend that you come along with someone to watch them while they're not being featured, and also to help gain their attention when they're in the photos. 

Is it worth it to have a couple’s photoshoot?

Of course, it is! A couple of photo sessions is a great bonding time for couples and helps strengthen their relationships. It is a perfect opportunity for couples to be in their most natural states while we capture these intimate moments. And of course, you get to hang these pictures on your wall, look at them every day and be reminded of  how lucky you both are to have each other.

We’re based in Calgary, Alberta, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about maternity sessions! We would love to chat with you about how we can help capture this special time in your life.

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