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Family Photo shoots in Calgary

Family Sessions

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Create Beautiful Memories with your Loved Ones in a Family Photoshoot.

Everyone has a personality, and a family photoshoot helps to express it. A family picture gives a glimpse of the unique bond  and the journey as a whole. This is a reminder  of the joys derived from the little things that may go unnoticed in the busyness of life. 

Every family has a story, and we relish every opportunity to witness and keep those moments from running away. As time passes by so quickly, it is always a good idea to capture enjoyable moments with the ones you love.  Let us work with you to make timeless and elegant shots  that you will always treasure.

Capture the joy of bonding with style.

 Our expertise is purely focused on creating original imagery. We love capturing dreamy photos, and we make sure to freeze the moments  like no one is watching! We ensure you are comfortable through the process, allowing your photos to look as natural as possible. We make sure that your photographs do not appear cookie-cutter or closed-up. We absolutely love to record those raw emotions and personal quirks; it is your story, so we allow you to tell it however your family  wants it.

Picturing a family photoshoot in Calgary.

You own the stories; we help you freeze the moments. We are sure to work with whatever your family is comfortable with.  The subtle details in your family, such as have a new pet or the children's toys, help to give a creative touch, so they are welcome! Each session is usually scheduled based on when every member of the family is active. 

We are flexible in working with you to choose beautiful scenery, whether you prefer the comfort of your cozy home or the outdoors adventure. We also try to harness natural light as much as possible to produce authentic, light-filled photos, as well as an outdoor flashlight to compliment this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your photography style during family photoshoots?

I would say that I try to make my photos look as natural as possible. I do this by keeping families at ease as they express themselves. I am a light chaser, so I tap into the power of natural light to create light-filled, vivid and sensational portraits.

Do you take any traditional posed shots?

Of course, I work well with families who would rather simply smile at the camera. I also do candid, expressive shoots where everyone is relaxed and allowed to show off their individual peculiarities .

What happens if it rains?

Come rain...Come shine; there’s always a story to tell. Pictures can turn out to be more expressive when nature decides to send us a gift.

Beautiful photos can be taken with the kids playing in the rain. However, we could reschedule the session if your family prefers to.

I want to look good; are there any tips or tricks you can suggest?

What I'll suggest is that you go with the flow. Live in that moment; don't allow yourself to think or worry too much. Take control of your mood. Try to smile often during the session.

Don't overthink anything. If you feel like bursting into laughter while you're at it, do not hesitate. You'll find out that laughter is indeed contagious. If you want to tickle someone or whisper in someone's ears, do it! They're your loved ones…remember!

Just make sure you relax. Be yourself.

My kids hate having photos taken; what should we do?

I think you should talk things over with your kids. You can negotiate with them by offering them candies or ice cream after the session.

Kids have little control over their emotions, and they go with what engages them. I suggest you take your pet along (if you have one) to make them feel at ease, and if they have a favorite teddy, you can distract them with that. You could also take their toys, water guns and games along to make them lighten up.
If you have a child that's just shy, you can use spray bubbles or sing their favorite rhyme to them.

And please, take some snacks along. You don't want their energy to be low.

What should we wear?

I would say wear what you're comfortable in. Personally, I think the whole family should dress similarly; if it's casual, let it be. If you want it to be more serious,  it's totally fine.
I would also suggest you go for paler colors so that the shots are toned down, and no one takes all the attention.
Color psychology also comes to play here; consider a color that looks good on everyone. I'll suggest white, light blue and other pastel colors.

How much time do we need for a family photoshoot?

For a family photo session with us, we offer three packages; thirty minutes, one hour and two hours. We would always recommend that families with kids book a session that would last at least an hour, this is because kids would take a little longer to get used to the camera.

We’re based in Calgary, Alberta, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about maternity sessions! We would love to chat with you about how we can help capture this special time in your life.

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