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Graduation Photography in Calgary


Graduation  Sessions

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Commemorate your Graduation with an Outstanding Photoshoot in Calgary

One of the most joyful moments in a lifetime is one's graduation. The joy of reflecting on your accomplishments and celebrating a new milestone is incomparable. A professional photoshoot is the best way to store these cherished moments forever. On your special day, we work to freeze those blends of emotions and create beautiful, creative portraits that are unforgettable. Whether you're a high school or college graduate, a photo session is always worth the while!

Capture the joys of your big day as a proud graduate

Capturing your commencement day gives you a unique sense of inspiration and motivation as you go on in life. It is blissful when you take adorable pictures with the most important people in your life, your family and friends. Taking these photographs with your fellow graduates also gives you a constant reminder of a time that can never be bought back. So, as you express your feelings of excitement and hope as well as the emotional goodbyes, we capture them into classic, inimitable and unforgettable images.

Individualized concepts for graduation ceremony photo session

You may be overwhelmed by thoughts of your big day and what to expect. We work with your preferences and suggest posing ideas and tricks to give you a perfect shot. Whether you want traditional photographs in a studio setting or candid, expressive pictures in a natural environment, we ensure the whole process is pleasurable. We work with your unique concept during the photo session, which could be on campus, singling you out during the graduation ceremony, group photos with your classmates or pictures with friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have family and friends join my shoot?

Absolutely! What a great opportunity to capture beautiful memories of you and your loved ones on your big day! It also helps to involve those who haven’t been able to make it down to your graduation. Also, you could have your pets   join your photo session. Pets are known to help reduce stress and anxiety; think of all the times they sat by your side and kept your company during your long hours of studying. They do deserve to be featured in your graduation photos. These pictures could also be used to bring out your game  on a website, your social media pages and even your CV.

Is it worth it to have a graduation shoot?

Certainly! Graduating marks a step further in life, and it is essential to save memories of this great feat while looking forward to the bigger life waiting ahead of you!

What should I wear to a graduation shoot?

Make sure to get enough rest before the shoot, and prepare all you'd need at least a night before, to avoid last-minute preparation. Get your clothes ready as they should be simple and classy . The attention should be on you and not your outfit, and of course, great shoes to match and, to the cherry on top, accessories to complement your look!

What location is suitable for a graduation shoot?

We are available to work with any location of your choice, although preferable options include the school premises, your home, specifically the living room or family library. In addition, we could also put up a studio setting, indoor or outdoor, as you would prefer. Other locations suitable for your graduation photo session include an outdoor environment   or a mid-town setting to give off an urban concept.

We heartily congratulate you on your accomplishments, and we would absolutely love to capture your story!

We’re based in Calgary, Alberta, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about maternity sessions! We would love to chat with you about how we can help capture this special time in your life.

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