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Kids Photography in Calgary


Kids Sessions

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Unposed, Timeless Portraits for your Kids

One beautiful thing we learn from kids is that they are not just alive; they live! The most inspiring things in life are simply embedded in a child's heart, and they reveal these parts of themselves in the purest form without fear of judgment. There is no better way to save up the memories of these wonderful days than freezing them in classic photographs. Childhood is a fleeting time, and kids grow up so fast; the best thing is to have a reminder of these captured moments in fantastic portraits. If you're looking for a professional to give you an amazing photoshoot, be sure to book a session with us!

Capture the magical moments with a classic childhood photoshoot in Calgary

In our photo sessions, we love to witness kids do kid things. The magical stories they subconsciously tell us are captured in outstanding photographs. We love candid photography when dealing with children because they exude the energy of youth as well as the raw, unposed emotions

Fill your photo albums with the best memories.

The child's mind is a wonder, and we are committed to taking snapshots that reflect this wonder.  We are aware that many children would rather have fun than sit still in front of a camera, so we are observant enough to freeze these beautiful experiences as they unfold. For kids, we take their shots with artful props to produce cute, creative portraits as they are lost in dreamland . 

Create dreamy and unforgettable photographs as your kids have fun

Every parent dreams that they never lose touch of the precious moments of watching their kids grow up. Whether it is the playful giggle on a baby's face, the contagious smiles of happy kids, the adventurous activities or the mysterious wonder in those young, excited eyes. We are the best at trapping these moments into beautiful portraits that can never be repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can my kids wear to their photo session?

We'd recommend that you dress them up in super comfy clothes, down to their footwear; put in mind the weather during the period of the shoot, and keep them warm in the cold and light outfits when it's hot and sunny. We'd usually recommend light colors and fewer patterns as we'd love the focus in the images to be on their faces and not their outfits.  In addition, we'd recommend that you come along with their favorite wears, experience has shown that kids are more comfortable in this. Also, bear in mind that kids are naturally playful; thus, a change of outfits would be necessary.

Can I incorporate the entire family in my kids' photo session?

Yes, you certainly can. This is a great opportunity to get a family picture to hang on the wall and certainly a remarkable Experience for everyone involved as it is a perfect bonding time for the family.

Can I bring my kid's friends along to the photo session?

Absolutely! Being around their peer groups certainly helps get your kids to be in their most natural states!

Can I bring my kid's friends along to the photo session?

We don't offer props; however, we recommend that you bring with their favorite toys as they're most comfortable with those.

Where can a kid’s photo session take place?

A kid’s photo session can take place at any location your choice. This could be at the comfort of your home, at school, be it crèche, at the playground or the nursery; it could also be an outdoor session such as the park, a kiddies playground, etc. All you need to do is to bring your kids along and be sure that we'd certainly have fun getting your kids to wear their broadest of smiles.

We’re based in Calgary, Alberta, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any other questions about maternity sessions! We would love to chat with you about how we can help capture this special time in your life.

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